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Mr. Bogdan Luklinski

MSc Medical Rehabilitation; MSc Physical Education; Dip Home Med.



1965 - 1969 Msc Medical Rehabilitition, 1- st class, Cracow, Poland.

1965 - 1969 Msc Physical Education,Dip/Athletic Coach 2 class.

1969 - 1972 , NHS,Poland - Head od Dep.Orthopedics ,Neurology,Cracow.

1972 - 1977 NHS , UK.

1973 - trained with dr,J.Cyriax, Orthopaedic Medicine,London = Orthopedic Medicine / 3 x / personal assistent, / Dr.Stoddart / Osteopathy/

1973 - 1977,NHS,UK

Took 30 postgraduate courses / while in NHS /,paid privately,hospital paid ONLY 2 per year. / ORTOPAEDICS medicine,Neurology,Manipulative Therapy,

Pathology,Osteopathy,Sports medicine,Homeopathy,Acupuncture etc /.

3 months ,p/t Maitland course / Newcastle,UK.

1977 - 78 postgradute study,FULL TIME 1 year, Maitland ,Perth,Australia / offered 50% of chiropractic practice.50.000 USA / refused.

1977 - 78 ,Clinical teacher / SPINE - p/t ,Fremantle Hospital,Australia.

1979 - Private CLINIC,Harley st,W1 - full - time.

1981 - Acupuncture Study p/t = non completed.

1981 / 83 Hahneman College of Homeopathy,City University,London / 2 years /.

1981 - Private Clinic,London,W1.

1981 = attended 9 symposias / exhibitins on SPINE in USA ,exhibitions 3 x,USA,Germany,UK,Japan,Australia,Canada.

In Japan / Osaka gangsters STOLE my invention,made 70 ml USA selling it.

1983 = attended 3 months GP postgrad P/T course.

1984 - Dubai,UAE 11 days,offered lucrative position / empty desert.

1984 - 2019 Private SPINE CLINIC,London,UK. = 95.000 patients .... cured / BEST SPINE CLINIC / UK





Mr. Bogdan Luklinski received his training in Medical Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Rehabilitation, the Faculty of Physical Education; and the Faculty of Education - all based at the University of Physical Education, Cracow, Poland. He graduated in 1969 with diplomas in Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Education. Although there is no official equivalence between qualifications gained in England and Poland, his "very good" grades, according to the National Academic Recognition Information Centre, are equivalent to a 1st Class honours degree. The Dyplom (Magister) is generally considered comparable to a British Bachelor (Honours) degree, although the Polish course is more detailed, lasting for 6 years instead of 4 years.


Mr. Bogdan Luklinski then travelled to Perth in Western Australia for clinical training in Professor Maitland's Manual Therapy procedures which form the basis of modern orthopaedic medicine. Mr Luklinski has almost 9 years experience of hospital practice - 2.5 years in Poland - 1 year in Australia - 5 years (1972-77) in the UK's NHS. He completed (1973-1977) various post-graduate courses in Orthopaedic Medicine. He opened his own private practice in Harley Street, London, in 1979.


He specialises in treating spinal disorders and has probably one of the best websites on the internet devoted to the treatment of the spine.


Mr. Bogdan Luklinski specialises in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Medicine (also studied under Dr Jim Cyriax 1973); physical medicine and rheumatology; sports medicine and neurology; and osteopathic and chiropractic studies.


He is the inventor of the patented orthopaedic device called "Back Rack" which has been granted UK and European-wide patents.


Diploma 1
Graduates of this program are qualified physical education teachers;specializations are available in sports education or coaching. Those who specialize in sports education acquire basic knowledge in psychology, sociology, and pedagogy, so as to be able to provide the best possible instruction, with understanding for the problems and challenges faced by their pupils. This program also includes human physiology, principles of human motion, anthropology (physical anthropology and anthropometrics), biomechanics, and hygiene, to prepare graduates to communicate this knowledge to their pupils. There are also numerous practical courses, such as swimming, lifesaving, gymnastics, sports, track and field, skating, skiing, and many others.

Those who successfully complete this program are able to work in various kinds of schools as physical education teachers. They can also be employed by sports clubs as instructors and coaches in various sports disciplines, or work in schools and other institutions as therapeutic gymnastics instructors for children with posture defects.


Diploma 2
Students in this program learn functional anatomy, biomechanics, and basic physiology, so as to be able to carry out therapeutic procedures with patients suffering from orthopedic and neurological disorders; in addition, they study the pathophysiology of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Coursework also includes the methods applied in kinesitherapy and physical therapy, the basic principles of therapeutic massage, and the principles of organization of therapeutic rehabilitation.


Graduates are qualified to conduct the motor rehabilitation of children, adults, and elderly patients suffering from disorders of the motor organs, internal organs, and/or the nervous system. Specializations (involving additional course work above and beyond the basic degree requirements) are available in:


biological regeneration

therapeutic swimming for adults and children

music therapy and dance therapy

rehabilitation in posture defects

manual therapy


Those who complete this program are qualified to work in hospitals and clinics, to give sports and therapeutic massage, and to supervise compensatory gymnastics in various school settings.



University Letter dated 17th June 2003 confirming attendance record and qualifications. "The Academy of Physical Education Krakow confirms that Mr Bogdan Luklinski attended the University between 1/10/65 - 30/9/69 in the Academy of Physical Education. He graduated in the 8th semester after completing 4 years of full-time higher level studying (day system). While studying he had specialised in Medical Rehabilitation, and his finishing exam was held on 10th June 1969. Mr. Bogdan Luklinski was awarded the title of 'Magister' on 10th December 1969. This confirmation has been issued on request."


The University of Physical Education of Cracow