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The Luklinski Spine Clinic

Established 1969 - over 40 years experience in treating spinal disorders

Welcome to The Luklinski Spine Clinic


Best systems used for Spine Treatment

CYRIAX – Orthopaedic Medicine

MAITLAND– Orthopaedic Medicine

Stoddart – Osteopathy (some techniques only)

45 years clinical experience

(95.000 patients, statistics curability 99.95 %)

We specialise in treating chronic and difficult (elsewhere defined "incurable") spinal cases which have not responded to medical, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment. 

If you have been advised to have a spinal operation please contact us for a second opinion.

Established 1969 - over 50 years experience in treating spinal disorders


During the last 50 years of our clinical practice we have been able to provide timely help to thousands of patients suffering from back disorders.

Our experienced team has proven time and again that the only goal in sight is to solve the patient's problem once and for all!


Relieving Pain, Restoring Function


The Luklinski Spine Clinic is dedicated to relieving pain, restoring function and implementing treatments, including minimally invasive spine procedures, for a wide range of neurologic conditions affecting the spine and spinal cord.

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Conditions covered by our clinic:
Organic disorders:
Conditions covered by our clinic:



All mechanical disorders, Ankylosing spondylitis, Cervical spondylosis, Herniated (bulging) discs, Prolapsed disc, Low backain, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Scoliosis (curvature of the spine), Schurman's disease, Spinal muscular atrophy, Spinal stenosis, Spondylosthesis, Spondylosis, Spondylitis.

Organic disorders:

The LUKLINSKI SPINAL CARE SYSTEM (LSCS) is a unique spinal care system developed in more than 50 years of clinical practice.


It is based upon proven principles of orthodox medicine such as ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINE, SPINAL REHABILITATION and MANIPULATIVE THERAPY.

It consists of world wide best clinical expertise "GOLD STANDARDS" inclusive of UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Germany being the most world effective with a proven track records of 99,5% patients curability during last 30 years and over 85.000 patients through non-invasive therapy. 


LSCS consists of 3 levels, which affects the causes, not the symptoms:

1. Skeletal mobilisation (spinal non-invasive decompression)
2. Application of BACKRACK™ (a passive self-therapy skeletal decompression tool)
3. Active neuro-muscular excercises (split in 2 levels basic and advanced).


The treatment is 100% safe, no side effects.

The clinical history and examination ONLY by the Orthopaedic Medicine Spinal Specialist is crucial in excluding a wide variety of serious disorders which may simulate spinal pain. Special attention must be taken in relation to FREE motions of relevant parts of the spine WITHOUT discomfort.

Happy Patients


What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Healtro.



I'm a painter and I was suffering from lower back pain. The pain was felt on both of my legs, I couldn't work and walk properly. After the first couple of days wearing the belt, I began feeling much better. After more than a week I'm happy with the result and strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from lower back pain


Gheoghe M. - google


Very fast delivery , excellent product .James was extremely helpful
For someone that spent a lot of money and time on chiropractor's clinics - I recommend highly - very happy indeed


Fran B. — google


I have purchased the 'back rack' and have to say the product has done wonders for my back, I have suffered from back aches for many years and using the rack has helped my spine align. I have also purchased Other products for family and friends who have been satisfied with results.
The company have been great with guidance and advice. I highly recommend the 'Lulinska's spine clinic' products to all.


Niru P — google

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