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by Mr. Bogdan Luklinski

MSc Medical Rehabilitation; MSc Physical Education; Dip Home Med.

I (Bogdan Luklinski) PRACTISED medicine since 1970. The proof is in the pudding... as the English say... I had spent 8.5 years working in various hospitals across the globe in variety of specialities.... My quest for knowledge was INSATIABLE. I wanted to be the BEST... between 1973 - 1978 I had done over 25 postgradute CLINICAL courses... inclusive of 3 - months, MAITLAND / SPINE in Newcastle R. Infirmary.I had met Mr Bains, Mr.Margowala, Mr Ellis... ortho.surgeons who were very helpful... and Frank Plum who insisted that I must study spine... he pushed me... Hospitals / NHS were USELESS they... still are backwards USELESS IGNORANT... as 40 years ago. Orthopedic Medicine, Neurology,Reumatology, Orthopaedic rehabilitation, General and Cardiac Rehabilitation. In 1973 I had met Dr. J.Cyriax in London, the BEST in the world. I had worked with him for 3 months, being observer. I DONE also meantime 3 courses in ORTHOPEDIC MEDICINE attended by other doctors. I LEARNED everything... In 1976 I applied in Perth, Australia for a UNIQUE study / ...ONLY 10 students from the world... In 1978 / 79 I finished study and returned to UK to get my passport. In 1980 I set my practice in London and bought country estate in Surrey / very bad decision... I won in court, but had CROOKED lawyer who stole 38.000 pounds as the judge said that he NEVER seen in his 40 yrs, practice bigger crook... 1987 I lost 1.5 ml., but I still practised in Harley st. In 1983 I obtained H.M.D (2 years). I have practised general - Spine 95 % SPINAL cases,since then. In 1984 I traveled to Dubai, but it was empty desert...I had very successful outcome with my patients so that Wellingtion hospital wanted me... and my patients they were coming to me, instead to the hospital. and. many doctors / hospitals has referred patients... to me... Since then my clinic has CURED 95.000 PATIENTS WORLDWIDE... that is a RECORD ITSELF...nobody can much...Since 1979 my expertise is WORLD CLASS BEST to nothing. I am one of BEST CLINICIANS in SPINE in the WORLD. I have invented range of SPINAL products UNIQUE - BEST in the WORLD... which have been sold to many thousends of patients across the world and SAVE them from needless surgery. My book is in pending...


Website is CLINICALLY the BEST in the world and I (Bogdan Luklinski) am ONE of the MOST expierienced CLINICIANS/SPECIALIST in the world. BACK RACK = Best SOLUTION. My CLINIC = Best CURE.


FACTS - Preamble - EXCITING STORIES of Medical excellence of own experience, since 1980 / HARLEY ST, W1 and INCOMPETENCE others medics.......... I have practiced in famous ...........? Harley st, W1 and that is my experience. Those are some, but few cases. All so called spinal specialists deal in INSURANCE CLAIMS = they write theoretical reports about cases they have NO clue about. That how they make living......Apart from Dr.Cyriax / died in 1984 / pathology/clinical subject ,G.Maitland / died in 1984 / B.Edwards / Perth / Australian clinical speciality are the BEST / Australian School / NOBODY = NOBODY has been SPINE EXPERT since................Same applies to NHS / UK = ZERO.


My expierience begun with SPINE.... when I was was 16 of age/ unware of injury - I played basketball /.I did weight lifting / raises calfs - 325 kg / being only 62.5 kg body weight...5 x body weight that resulted in compression..I consulted 2 so called eminent Grochmal / Krezel in Krakow / orth,surgeon/neurologist.They prescribed cream / hydrocortizon.,to rub in......little DID - I did not buy it,because its cost almost week of my mother wages...nothing / knew - both eminent quacks.I recovered after 3 months - spontananeously ..Since I decided study spine.I went to medical library and saw some pictures in german / my mother was german teacher.When studying rehabilitation I have learned NOTHING..........just basics.After graduation I worked in the hospital /1200 beds / being in charge of neurology and with dr Pachalski / ortop.surgeon / who told me that in Poland they know NOTHING about spine ..1970 / like today / in 2018 ./.However he suggested dr.Cyriax in London..I knocked in 32 Wimpole st.and introduced myself.I could not speak english very well ,but he liked me and I did him... I spend time doing 3 times his courses an I worked with dr.Cyriax for 3 months - as observer...he manipulated my neck in Manchester.I attended parties in his London.I learned ALL and he complimented me as being very intelligent . He was excellent TEACHER and very kind doctor.And thought very highly of me that one day I might better than him ?. I was flabbergasted,He offered me to work with him in St.Thomas hospital,when he was consultant and his practice as he was employing 11 physios.He was very critical of medical profession,as ignorant and prejudice / BMA / as today - he hated.. BBC that and the press,as well as osteopaths and chiropractors as quacks.. /.MEDICINE today chemicals toxins - technology......./ mri.cts,x - rays - useless / .Clinical trials are useless....not worth the time,they prove ..... NOTHING...results are often doctored / faked.....MD - are the biggest treat to mainkind....they use guinea pigs /. patients for own benefit.....that why they keep silence - it serves them better never comment....then useless tests...85% / 90 % are false ,they have zero clinical skills ...USA surgeons are the MOST incompetent ,brain-washing ignorant what is the best....? surgery de facto is all SCAM....They have no idea about BACK RACK.....understand nothing.Thats for you medical knowledge.... keep silence,keep always surgery..stupidity at best...working without vision just making money...Mri is used for diagnosis all over ,because surgeons have no knowledge / skills to diagnose ..and make monies .USA are leading world CROOKS in fraud..Being born Capricorn I never had have any respect for authority and always have challenged stupid establishment...I means nothing to me....unless I find the answer..... Medical / paper qualifications are worthless / only theoretical - 95% material is forgotten after 1 year./.- not practical skills..cant express their point of view,because they get struck off..registry so they shut up and get on with ..and shut up.....Consultants are appointed by paper qualifications ,NOT by clinical skills..which are is corrupt body..,impotent,.uses BBC pedofiles.... scam - corrupted system.. ..propaganda....politically FALSE and biased...Anybody who is opposing is branded .outcast.I had treated all patients from dr.Bastyra,dr.Friedman,dr Huskeson,M.Wandsworth,dr.Bilal / UAE...others.... and Iragi Embassy dr.A.Hashimi - before war in Iran / Iraq.I was going to be a partner 50/50 in Arazi Hospital / some worth 4.2 ml, / but war closed Iragi Embassy.During Guys Hospital symposium / 300 people / I asked some ...professor spinal questions.He failed to answer.Retiring / of 35 practice / radiologist when asked what % had x-rays validity is spine answered just 5%../ that was in 1980 /. NHS there are many quacks and charlatans by ......MD -s are useless in diagnostic procedures which are false in 85% .......... Orto.Surgeons / 99% have not a clue about SPINE - mri are false ,they have some ? training.... 99 % physiot./reumatologists .are 100% useless / neurologists - 99% and all cases are done by physiotherapists - still useless / Univ. of Warwick data /...../ dermatologists, GP - are useless / anesthetists ,so called PALLIATIVE pain management / drugging /- USELESS- know nothing,do nothing ...... just drugs.I did GP-S, 3-months p / post.gradute training p/t - rubbish procedure......... / - any idiot... can be Md or GP../.Psychiatrists are mentally ill-themselves treat conditions they have not a clue about. Orto.surgeons are looking for jobs...they will operate on anybody/anything regardless....otherwise they have NO work....USA is the biggest and lowest level of spinal care,operation are carried out daily on ignorant patients / brain - washed /. In Florida where state is very lenient so called Laser Clinic / set up by non - doctors / make millions by scam operations.USA are world leaders in scam claims . Zeegers / Belgium / done 2200 fradulent operations.M.Knight done 4200 ablations / burning disc / to which I disagreed. However when challenged - he did not action ,though he was offered.stiff me then after 5 years he endorsed me and my Back Rack.He done decent thing.During attendance in USA Back Pain symposium I asked americans why they operate too,often they said that they have to make LIVING ,otherwise became unemployed....So they make living by maiming people to a tune 1.5 million per year and BILLIONS...Fairbanks / Oxford done a researach in validity of spinal surgeries over conventional physiotherapy / over 5 years duration / physiotherapy come out to be superior.../ When challenged by me,that he made a mistakes...did not answer,assuming his genius....?.He had STOLEN my Back Rack and NEVER replied arrogant,yet ignorant..Szpalski / Gunzburg,Belgium advocate TOTAL VERTEBRAL replacement......I contacted them and told them that this is insane and should expierence themselves procedure..Szpalski is teoretician..and zero just all .welders..they never replied..Wadell / Glasgow agreed with my philosophy and refer patients.The spine experiments are FALSE and FAKE,THE so called INDUSTRY makes monies on FRAUD.Its pathetic to maim millions of people,but mamon rules in america,they say money talks ,bullshit walks,halellujah,,, SCAM... / THE BOOK - CROOKED / USA by C.J.RAMIN - described it ALL /.


BACK RACK is met with indifference and jealousy,because it WORKS and it does what it claims. In USA 75% people are hooked on drugs and 75000 died from TOXIC opioids...It is easy to con people into believing that surgery works. Those people are medically illiterate / stupid and do nothing...75.000 useless chiropractors as they cant diagnose or treat and do not know the contraindications - red flags / opinion of chiropractic USA / 750 patients died through chiropractic so called care / Prof.Ernst /. Surgery is HAMMER and CHISEL / SCREWS....mechanics ,thats 21 century..


In Australia/where I specialised../ practised . the Royal Perth Hospital ,surgeons were begging for patients,because they had nothing to do......we cured everybody..within..Spinal Unit.I was offered partnership by chiropractor at 60.000 A$ in 1978,but I refused. 20 years ago Phd student in Cambrige done research on 5000 doctors/reserach. - CLINICAL COMPETENCE / SKILLS - 65 % ,SHOULD NOT PRACTICE,15 % were FAIR,10 % good,5 % v.good,5 % excellent - thats FACTS..My own expierience is 9 years NHS are USELESS / INCOMPETENT....In my teaching hospital /1200 beds /, library had no books on spine..and . never met one who understand spine .......never mind practice clinically..........Harley st,..ortop.surgeon was operated on prolapsed disc,but operation failed and he is crippled. - he is known to his own medicine.Many operations are botched. Mr.C-Connolly the so called eminent .... neuro-surgeon operated on anybody he could not but,when had own accident / could not even walk...was cured by me.When asked why he operated said nothing else I known.?. then .started referering patients to me..Another - Da Costa / orthopedist known as hospital /.kept 16-old girl 12 months in hospital / botched hip./.Reumatologist / Grays Hosp.,Essex / where I worked locum /.I to/ok hundreds.. of files/acute-chronic cases,after 2 days I discharged 75 % as being cured..He called me and said that he had been consultant for 25 years in that same hospital....and I upset system ? him...because I had discharged many patients,he kept them for 6 months........I left hospital ,after 3 days...he was useless IDIOT having ,not a clue...fat and sweaty...Reumatologists made non-stop misdiagnosis about spine. Surrey hospital - female a.79 old was send to psychiatrist after 7 consultants failed to diagnose her short led syndrome,She was drugged - concotion of 11 drugs...Halcion / TOXIC - given by ignorant..GP for 6,5 years..toxic drug was banned subsequently from UK .She was cured her after 3 months...completely..Banker / Guildford was told by Ort.surgeon to have double hip replacement...He was suffering from back conditions / misdiagnosed.He was me..then orto.surg.asked for surgery and he told him that I cured him. Surrrey / Firmley Ortop.surgeon / Harrison was complaining to me that I took / CURED / 7 patients from his private list.He had legs on the table...when seeing patient / arrogant twat / idiot..and insisted on operation...patient left disgusted and come to me / was cured / .Harrison drove a Aston Martin car... Deputy P.M of Iran - advised / but, refused 2 surgeries ,USA / Switzerland ,C/S - was cured,we became friends.Wellington London hospital / Mr Taylor..offered me deal ,if I kept patients in hospital,were making 35 ml / per year to keep patients in bed...and I was curing patents who come to hospital,so the deal was to have me in hospital...Qatari Prince / cured / was chased by 4 surgeons for usual operation..they wanted £ talks....bullshit walks..In USA there is lowest standard in the word,thought they CLAIM ? they could do anything for insurance money.I have been many times in USA and I had seen NOTHING ,but SCAM...Mine cousin paid 1500 USD / in 1999 / for scan.His son had 2 cm shorter leg and was 14 = en.,that takes 30 sec to diagnose ,if you can........?.QUACKS in USA are everywhere ,its like god and religion it does NOT exist,but stupid people believe.They are arrogant and crooked..believing ONLY in money.YET THE MOST INCOMPETENT - botched so called operations.J.Brown was world vets champion.While competing in Bedford she damaged her neck in high jump.She refused hospital care,choosing me.I cure her and she continued to win pentathlon. .Quatari prince .. was cured by me / I paid his bill /originally at 50 k / I paid for him.. 1.2 k....,thankfully..offered me a gold watch 12 k .Kuweiti businessman / Bahbahani was cured ,after useless treatment from hospital/operation / He offered me choice of a choice of 3 R.Royces - as a gift..Mr Thahlawi / Jeddah businessman was looked after for 3 years ,no was his hobby.Dr Patterson / chair of British Medical Osteopathic Ass / had broken thoracic spine of women nurse ,while WRONGLY manipulating her thoracic/ using knee as leverage osteop.technique - / wrong / she was petrified anybody touching her spine / ,but I cured her. Later I treated successfully her 94 yrs.father .Deputy P.M of J.Calaghan and his wife were cured. Sheikh AL-THANI / Shard - Harrods owner / brother of ruler was cured by me,4 surgeons were after him....unsuccessfully though....many others.Saudi / Prince Bin-Turki / 2-nd in throne / was another one / he was a instrumental in signing AL -Yammah arm / deal,45 billion... with T.Blair /.many royals..Kuweiti Mr Yahia / for 45 year adviser to AL-Sabah / ruler of Kuweit was a patient for 3 years and offered me to sell oil for Kuweit. Wife of professor / Royal Free Hospital was cured from chronic headaches after 1,5 years of being drugged......he send me several patients afterwards... Own case .......I worked in NHS for 4.5 years...Library had no books for spine....thats teaching hospital,I ordered for £1200 ,librarian was shocked.. I had injury /discus throw/ went to see Dr.Beidi / IDIOT / my ex-boss /consultant rheumatologist....he examined me through opening anatomy book and looked for muscles- I told him exactly what it had.......he diagnosed as disc rupture ? and suggested that I need next day for surgery / wrongly /..and referred to Mr.Ellis/ortop,who was my patient........ FALSE..I laughed..Mr.Ellis offered me to open private practice in front of hospital..Of,course I was MISDIAGNOSED./ having ruptured muscles fibres /.I went to dr.Cyriax ..who help me.I send many patients to dr.Cyriax. Thats NHS expertise...I had knee injury / broken meniscus,left side,could not flex further then 90 degrees.I trained for 12 months for world championship / decathlon.Advice -surgery.,ha,ha....I did...self-help ....250 kg half-squats/knee strapped - worked... I was 11-th / for total 47 / in the world....15 years later knee perfect / full motion / no pain.Knee surgery is rubbish..con for any knee op.My brother in law - naive has 2 knees implant -12 kg,weight.being NHS patient / blocked neck vain and bad back ,overweight by 25 kg,died sadly.FEMALE a.62 - 7 months in hospital / NHS knee ,flexion 90 degrees - cured by me. Female age 78 and 1,5 year under care of GP and Hospital ,was cured .Patient ,age 78 with deformity of D 6-was to be operated / was cured by me..P.M-.Deputy of J.Callagan and his wife were cured me.. Billionaire / Dubai offered me v.lucrative position of 25/30 million per year..Adviser to Emir of Kuweit / a patient of mine was offered me a selling oil in Kuweit.....Lord Weinstock / GEC was cured by me and we became friends.Invited me to his stud in Wiltshire and offered me job at £50.000 and 500.000 shares to be top salesman for Marconi Electrionics.Kuweiti Sheikh very rich ,several TV stations/ 42 yrs old was cured,when dying from chronic condition,he was 42 kg body weight.He had later 2 children and was healthy.. Deputy Prime minister of Iran / Shiraz I.Mezra was cured form chronic neck condition / was he advised surgery in USA,Switzerland /,but wiseley refused .I cured also deputy P.M - wife / to j.Callaghan / UK.Male patient from Glasgow was cured and female for Belfast,too / prolapsed disc/ She was spinal theater nurse..... Others ..World box.champion N.Bevenutti / italian...was cured and Kuweiti football player Al = GhandariI / 104 apperances /.Guildford patient had accident abroad.They carried fusion / usual crap / of LS.,there was some 6 years ago.The patient has been in pain and attended so pain Clinic for 6 years? / drugging him /. NOBODY in Harley st. was prepared to give him medical report for the court regarding.I treated him and gave his lawyers report after which he received 600.000 compensation during to my report..My sister broke her leg / twice / while skiing.7 month later she could not regain flexion.She undertook treatment for 7 months.I cured her after 2 weeks.My brother in law had occlusion of vertebral artery.....pain in two knees / shoulder injury and total arterio-screlosis.He had consultation with me ,but opted for shoulder/knees replacement /12 kg weight ./.putting faith in others expertise.He died from complications....Mr Van Hagen / orthopedics was in 73 Harley st.I assumed his speciality was insurance.He referred me a patient with herniated disc,who was told that he is cure him with 2 weeks ?.It takes 3 months to do so...I told patient go back to van Hagen.I had 2 tickets for world spine symposium in..Vienna.I offered 1 ticket to van Hagen,as I was too,busy with patients.He replied that he chooses go with me as he does not know anything about spine...He was registrar in hospital,but he presented himself as consultant...Many similar cases..Saudi patient / second family ,after royal / was cured ,became friends.Many actors J.Moreau/ french icon,J.Pertwee /dr who,D.Elliot / english, F.Huges / Hollywood,A.Guiness/english,A.Bates/ english.Many americans were cured...HOMEOPATHY / general and specific medicine / has cured thousend of patients so I did.In UK 4 million uses it. Mr Campbell / neurologist / autor of 210 papers....?.so called theoretician was representing insurance company.He alleged that a patient /welsh / was a FAKE.I represented patient who lost 5 cm leg ambit,however he was wheelchair bound.I disagreed..The judge awarded patient £60.000 believing me.....Mr Cambell was a fraud / fake himself,because he was neurolgist,NOT a spine specialist...I told him so........Similar case I won aganist lawyer who represented insurance against female who slipped in the restaurant .I refused to answer stupid lawyers questions..Judge awarded claimant ,believing me..£3500.Female / banker a.26 was told that she need hysterectomy / another well known gynaecologist racket /.She suffered from spinal condition - and was cured.She was very grateful as she wanted children...another female / guildford / was told this same.She had spinal condition which mimicked gynac., she was cured.British banker / Seuol = S.Korea / he had broken leg with wife and 11-old son who had scoliosis he was scheduled for surgery. All were cured and he bought 6 Back Racks for his staff...English pilot / worked in Damman / S,Arabia - earning 150.000 .He was a test pilot for saudi air force.He went to Alpha Clinic in Munich,where he refused op.and I was recommended by Alpha that I can cure him...I did cure him within forthnight..3 times British motor champion was cured / sold his motor bike to pay for his treatment / Banker / his wife from Sumitomo bank were cured.She has whiplash and he suffered for old judo injury.English male was cured from disc prolapse.He refused operation in Firmly park,Surrey .Male from Croatia .Split was cured from prolapsed disc / refused operation /.Female from Devon / prolapsed disc / choose to spend money for restoring her barn...6 monts later she called sobbing that she had operation which made her wheelchair bound.She asked me whether I treat her now,I refused / she was fused /.Male /wheelchair / flew from Brasil being shot within thoracic spine / damaged spinal cord /.I could not help him.Polish man suffered from pancoast tumor,could not walked at all.I treated him so he could waled 500 m / later he was referred for surgery /.Male patient / eng.from Gatwick airport / suffered 1.5 year from diarhorrea / was misdiagnosed and mistreated in several hospitals / he had spinal condition and was cured /.Female patient had M.S - I confirmed diagnosis...Male , 51 had motor bike accident ,he refused surgery / and was treated for 9 months without improvement / had c/s and l/s badly prolapsed .He was cured.Female from Bucks., after 8 years from back pain was cured so it was her husband.All patients avoided surgery.Between 1980 - 1988 I had had very busy practice seeing up to 36 patients daily / with 4 staff /.I was consulted by gen..Pinochet / friend of M,Thacher P.M /,who at 81 spend two weeks in London Clinic / mock observation / .His back pain I diagnose as him old age.....Mr Manion was ITV foreign correspondent,I cured his knee.I did cure Harlequin rugby player ,who played for England / It had only 14 days..before match/.. versus Wales who scored 7 points / England won 21 / 20 / therefore I won..he said.....I cured 63 years old patient who had 7 cm spinal cyst / tumour..He was advised by 3 doctors in the family to see ME...He was advised operation ,but when I explained to him possible complications / Mrs Moore / Neurosurgeon from Wimbledon / he opted to listen to me...He was treated and walked up to 500 m.himself / he could not walk before at all /.I cured man from Guildford who had 10 years chronic condition. Enton Hall,Surrey 3 patients were cured after 6 osteopaths had 10 years back pain.I treated 20 patients daily...for one year. Saudi patient 63 age had O.A both knees,he recovered fully. Mr Al - Rayez /43 old,Rijyad banker of AL Waled bin Talal Abdulaziz suffered chronic headaches.After seeing me for 3/4 times his headaches much lessened.He was puzzled ,because he consulted many doctors in UK,S.Arabia,USA and they could not help him.He invited me to S,Arabia / having spoken to Al -Waleed / to set up a royal Clinic and they pay me in gold.He called me for 6 month...I cured during 2 days 26 patients during my study reunion in Poland,none of which has re-currence.Wife of friend of mine after 11 so called specialists could not diagnose her ,opted for surgery / ignoring my advice / costing 80.000 euro.She died from implant complications...I cured Al - Quatami ,Saudi CEO of railways.. as well as Aramco / the biggest oil company / several patients...In 1977 I got chosen / out from 54 candidates / for Phd in spine in Royal Free Hospital under Dr.D.Troup.I did not follow that,instead going to study in Australia.The Phd has no value except in academic research.My Back Rack CE mark is equivalent to Phd...All academic spine research is thereotical so it has has no CLINICAL / practical value.I was doing research in Stanmore Orthopedic Unit with professor... when I realised that this chap does has no clinical backgroud , therefore I abandoned research.This same happened with Mr.Bain/Ortopedics / working on reseach / in Newcastle,but he died suddenly at 52 of age.I have cured 95,000 patients and hope another cure more.I met Indira Gandi / PM of India in Oxford Circus and had conversation.I met T.Benn and had a long about life and Blunt House / it was his uncle house and own it for 7 years..I met R.Harris / actor ,and M.Caine / actor..Lord Carrington was instrumental in my stay in UK..Lord Howe I met in Oxted.I refused shake his hand.....I met D.Heally / Labour while traveling to work..several times,I also met .... .Lord Prior ,who wanted to became my patient. There is NO scientific proof that a single surgery is effective, it is ALL science fiction for stupid and brain - washed human beings.


BACK RACK is misunderstood by MOST so called professionals / ignorance and indifference and jealousy/ and lay ignorant / people. BACK RACK and other products designed by me are BEST EVER in the WORD and thousends of people benefits AVOIDING unnecessary surgery.I send to T.Blair / 2003 / - 2 samples of Back Rack.The f..department of Health lost it...bureaucratic it all that ..... attitude. NHS could save billions on useless care / 1.5 million people suffers / ,but STUPID politic is more important than people that UK CORRUPTED SYSTEM.English are most incompetend in the world.beside the USA.NHS is run by STUPID and OVERPAID INCOMPETENT beaurocrats - CLERKS, NOT clinicians..Prof Nachemson / Sweden / Karolinska promised to market Back Rack himself ,but sadly died at 73 age. In 2002 in Osaka exhibition japanese GANGSTERS stole Back Rack and made a electric copy / wrong concept / and made 70 ml USA..?.The electric version is being sold by lay / fradulent company in UK.Good reading...


Male 47 age, Essex with cervical prolapsed disc,i saved from surgery. His wife same / spodylolisthesis gr 3 / CURED, played tennis,both free for 20 years. Turkish,male 51 - I had SAVED his life.Living in France developed fever and lost 7 kg within one week,seeing 2 Gps ,who diagnosed flu ? - I diagnosed over the phone,abcess lung infection.He was admitted to private hospital which confirmed diagnosis. If he waited another 7 days he would be dead, he eat TB poultry in restaurant. Female a.58 avoided surgery, have 12 years LBP. Two world champions / 50 age / in decathlon have operations. BOTH have retired form competitions...chronically CRIPPLED. T.Wood / golf had 4 botched operation, since retired / USA / ,so many so called celebrities have been crippled. Dentist /Surrey, male 56 age / herniated disc / cured.;Lawyer / Woking ,age 51 bulging discs / cured.Male / businessman Ryijad / S.Arabia, chronic condition / 6 years / cured. NO spinal operation works = it is ALL SCAM.



Some patients:


Lord Weinstock / CEO GEC

M.AL =Thani brother of ruler of QATAR

I.Mehzra - deputy P.M of IRAN

Mr Yahia = KUWEIT ,chancellor of Emir

General - EGYPT Minister of defence

Wife of SYRIA of minister of defence

Royal FAMILY of Saudi Arabia / Prince bin Turki

Ambassador of S.Yemen - Mr Al Makhadi

Ambassador of UAE = Mr Al = Mutawee x family

Thor Heyerdahl - WORLD FAMOUS EXPLORER (Con-Tiki expedition)

D.P.Minister of UK

Abu Dhabi = chief police daughter

N.Bevenuti - world boxing champion

J.Moreau = french actress

gen M.Barzani - Kurdistan

Princes Nura bin Aziz / Royal family of S.Arabia

Actors A.Bates,J.Pertwee/dr.who/,D.Elliot

Niece - judge Falcone / Sicily murdered by mafia

Leader of Sikhs / UK

M.Al - Rayjez,banker of Price AL = Walled

Libia = p /Diplomat / friend of Gaddafi / President

Iraq - p / General / friend of S.Hussain / President

Irag - p / friend of S.Hussain / President

Maldives = Minister / family

Sumitomo / Bankier /Japan

Bank of Korea / bankier

Bank of ITALY / bankier

Bank of Iraq / bankier

Aramco / oil /S.Arabia

Texaco / oil / USA

Kuweit investment fund / Al - Qandari /

Al Karafi - Kuweiti banker

Bahbahani / Kuweiti businessman

Tahlawi / Jeddah / saudi businessman

USA spy / Langley,Virginia.

USA - gen Castor / served 6 presidents/

Embassy of Iraq

Embassy of Saudi Arabia / Military

Embassy of Kuweit

Embassy od Quatar

Embassy ofv UAE / Dubai,Abu-Dhabi /

Embassy of South Jemen

Embassy of USA

Embassy of Sweden

Embassy of Brazil

Embassy of Egypt

Embassy of Lybia

Embassy of Nigeria

Embassy of S.Africa

Embassy of Kenya

Mr Manion - ITV foreign reporter

Private Arab patients / all countries / xxxxx

Bank of Italy

Bank of S.Korea

Spanish bank

British banker

Embassy of Canada

Dr Almklos / Ryiad

Mr Baba Duna / banker

Governor of North Province / Nigeria

Sachi - Sachi /

Embassy of Iran

Embassy of Syria

Embassy of Indonezja

Sachi - Sachi m.d ,director

Business man / Esex - prolaped disc / operation avoided

Architect / Damann,S.Arabia

Bankier / Cypr

Bankier / Bank of Italy,Milan

Business man / Dublin

Painter / London

3 x UK motor champion

Banker / Spain

Dentist / Esher

County council / Guildford,NHS..

Musician / Surrey

Italian / London

Italian / women / London ,FAILED post - op..

BT - Croatia,botched surgery..

Male / Brazil

Male / Vatican

Female / Vancouver

Male / S.Francisco

Male / Berlin

Male / L.A

Male / L.A

Male / N.York,failed surgery...

Male / N.York

Male - pilot / Toronto

Male / Gatwick,misadiagnosed NHS for 1.5 year..

Male / Scotland

Male / Surrey

Female / Guildford / seen by NHS for 7 years..!..incurable..!

Banker / Guildford

Female / seen by 7 consultants NHS,declared INSANE..!

Male / italian / athlete

Female / pole vaulter

Teacher / Guilford (failed NHS)

H.C Judge / London

Property developer / London