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Back Pain Conditions We Treat


Each segment of your spine—cervical, thoracic, and lumbar—is important to the well-being of your spine as a whole. Repetitive or acute injuries, degenerative conditions, or bone changes that come with age can change the structure of the spine or damage the vertebrae and surrounding tissue.

Spine conditions can cause pain when they put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, and they can also limit movement.

At The Luklinski Spine Clinic, we work closely with you to pinpoint the source of your pain and develop a treatment program that works best for you. Using the latest technology, our team of highly trained spine and pain management specialists can expertly diagnose conditions of the spine.


The LUKLINSKI SPINAL CARE SYSTEM (LSCS) is a world unique spinal care system that has been developed over almost 45 years of clinical practice.


It is based upon proven principles of orthodox medicine such as ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINE, SPINAL REHABILITATION and MANIPULATIVE THERAPY.


It consists of worldwide best clinical expertise "GOLD STANDARDS" inclusive of UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Germany being the most world effective with a proven track record of 99,5% patients curability during last 30 years and over 85.000 patients through non-invasive therapy.


LSCS consists of 3 levels, which affects the causes, not the symptoms:

1. Skeletal mobilisation (spinal non-invasive decompression)

2. Application of BACKRACK™ (a passive self-therapy skeletal decompression tool)

3. Active neuro-muscular exercises (split into 2 levels basic and advanced).

The treatment is 100% safe, no side effects.


The clinical history and examination ONLY by the Orthopaedic Medicine Spinal Specialist is crucial in excluding a wide variety of serious disorders which may simulate spinal pain. Special attention must be taken in relation to FREE motions of relevant parts of the spine WITHOUT discomfort.