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What people say about us. Here are the comments from the people who visited our clinic.


I suffered with a complex back condition for many years and went through the normal process of seeing my GP, being referred to a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor etc. and receiving generic, "one size fits all" treatment which made absolutely no difference to my condition.
Eventually it was recommended that I have surgery, which I agreed to and have ever since regretted. I had a Laminectomy in 1995 which involved the removal of the 5th Vertebra Spinal Process and sure enough the Back Condition returned a few years later with a vengeance. With hindsight, I know that Mr Luklinski would have cured my condition within a couple of treatment sessions.
I came across Mr Luklinski's details from an Internet search, which is the best thing that I ever did. His treatment is unique and believe me, he knows his stuff. It is so refreshing that I found someone that treats the cause of the problem and not the symptoms. His knowledge of the Human Body and in particular the Spine, Nervous System and Muscles throughout the body is incredible and he pin points the problem quickly and treats it accordingly. You just know immediately that you are receiving treatment that is specific to your condition and is going to make a difference. He has convinced me beyond question that surgery is NOT a viable option for 99.9% of back conditions.
I came first saw Mr Luklinski in 2007 when I was suffering from pain in my buttock and calf. Following a series of treatments from Mr Luklinski my symptoms were totally eliminated. In 2012 I contacted Mr Luklinski at a time when I was suffering from terrible leg pain which restricted me in most everyday activities, I could not even stand for more than a few seconds before I would be seeking a chair to relieve me from the pain. I really thought that I would never be able to take part in any sports activities or even walk freely ever again as I was in constant pain.
Following my original course of treatments with Mr Luklinski I have run two marathons, skiied to my hearts content, windsurfed and taken part in many other sporting activities without problem.
I have just completed my treatments for the 2012 back problem and I am amazed at the improvement in my condition, to the point where I no longer have any leg pain and my general mobility is superb.
I would recommend Mr Luklinski to anybody that has a back or back related condition, you should really make an appointment with him before you consider surgery which could ruin your life.


Mr. Ian Carr, accountant, 54yo, had LAMINECTOMY (and FAILED BACK SYNDROME) 20 years ago. A complex condition. I treated him 5 years ago. He was ok since and relapsed 3 months ago. HERNIATED disc. He is back for treatment (he has been using the backrack for the last 5 years and belt from today).


Mr Luklinsky, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for me. You have given me back my passion for life and living, to my full potential. I am free from constant pain, fatigue, exhaustion and frequent tears. I have hope for the future and I can smile and dance again. (I will miss our chats !). Quite simply you saved my life. Forever grateful.


Ms. Gillian Jovcic, age 44. Condition: 12 months chronic condition, past treatment NHS useless, referred for surgery... refused.


I have been working flat out hence not been in touch the rewards from the treatment you gave me last year have been lasting. i will make an appoitment before year end to finalize also i will bring testimonial.


Mr. John Nosworth. Condition: over 15 years of chronic back pain. He was treated by NHS, plus privately. "Diagnosed" as INCURABLE case.


Suffered with chronic back pain for 18 months. Saw NHS Physio's, private acupuncture, all to no avail. Had MRI scan which showed I had spinal stenosis. I had spinal injections which didn't help. I had a private consultation with a spinal specialist...? He said that I need up to 3 operations. Everyone I have spoken to said the same thing- an operation was the only way.
After searching the internet I came across Mr Luklinski's web page which was very informative, and I was impressed with his approach to the problem. After filling in the online form for a diagnosis - Mr Luklinski replied the next day saying I was misdiagnosed. I arranged an appointment where he told me that he could help me. After 2 months of treatment my back problem is cured. Prior to seeing Mr Luklinski I was chairbound, I could not walk and was in constant chronic pain. Thanks Dan for giving me back my life. The NHS should take note to what you are doing - giving people their lives back - not putting them in wheelchairs. Mr Luklinski is the only specialist in this field - simply the best. n.s.


Mr. Nigel Stone, age 66. Condition: chronic back pain.


I suffered from tremendous pain in my lower back and right knee due to my sedentary job and working on the computer. Mr. Luklinski treated me for 1 year and I still continue to to see him whenever I have back, knee or neck pain. The pain was really unbearable and I could not function on a daily basis until I saw Mr. Luklinski. He has changed my quality of life for the better and after my treatment was completed has advised a set of exercises to strengthen my abdominal muscles which helps me very much. I am now back to my best health back wise. I use the back-rack on a daily basis to keep my spine working properly and the back belt lumbar belt whilst I am exercising which I do 3 times per week, to keep my core supported. I am lucky to have met someone who knows his work so well and who luckily is completely against spinal surgery. Thank you for everything.


R. Jackson, age 23, London. Condition: Slipped Disc & Severe Pain in Neck & Knee.


I started to get lower back and neck pain shortly after I started full-time work as a designer 4.5 years ago. The pain then went to my right arm and knees, and I struggled to cope with the pain. Before this I had NO back trouble! I was treated by Mr. Luklinski for about 2 months and gradually I was able to live again, because of the nature of my job I do bend a lot and this causes me pain as well as sitting for about 8 hrs per day. I see Mr. Luklinski on and off now for a top-up treatment but on a daily basis I use the back-rack which is fantastic at relaxing and making me feel good for the day ahead. I also exercise with the lumbar belt and find that it is a great help and allows me to live life fully. After a treatment with Mr. Luklinski I feel as good as new!


Katrina, designer, age 28, London.


Since receiving treatment my mobility has improved no end. Hopefully the BACK-RACK excercises will help to strenghten/stabilise my back. The injuries sustained in my accident at the farm no longer dominate my quality of life. Many thanks. All the best.


E.B, farmer, male, age 48, Wales. Condition: chronic complex whole spine.


My back pain made me very unhappy for a very long time. Meeting Dr. Luklinski, his treatments made me very normal. I believe his treatments does wonders. I am very grateful for The Doctor have done for me. I am very joyous person now. I thank Luklinski immensely for making my life more comfortable. Thank you.”

March 2007 - A.E., sailor, age 41, Weymouth, Dorset. Condition: 11 years chronic back pain.
“Thanks for all your efforts over the months. My life has improved vastly and the future looks so much brighter now. Will follow your advice and avoid NHS at all costs. Many thanks Mr. Luklinski.


Female, age 45, hotelier, Maldives. Condition: chronic back pain.


I have been suffering from back pains for a few years, and have tried a few different things that did not seem to offer any relief. I found Mr. Luklinski, and everything changed, he diagnosed me with ease and treated me weekly, he persisted where I would have given up. He is undoubtedly the best spine expert out there!!!
Along with the treatment I used both his lumbar belt, and his backrack. Both have been extremely helpful. What can I say?... The guy is a genius. These are no normal accessories, the theory behind them is very unique and thorough, and I hope mr. Luklinski will manage to get them out to everyone who suffers from spinal pain.
More than everything else, I have found mr. luklinski to be a very special type of man, and although I went to him as a patient, he soon turned into a friend. Forget anyone else: no one has the type of expertise.


Mr. Nitsan Morag, Brecon.


Bogdanowi dziekuje szczegolnie za pomoc ze szwankujacym kregoslupem i noga- uzdrowiles mnie by wybawic z najgorszego bolu !! Niech Twoja praca bedzie wynagrodzona/ zasluzona w niebie. Nie mam nagrody na tym padole ziemskim ...
(Bogdan, I am very grateful for your care, especially curing my spine and post-fracture knee injury and getting rid off from my horrible pain. I wish that your care might be awarded in heaven ... as I can not thank you enough!!!)


Mrs. Grazyna Cheshire, cured Polish female (living in UK) aged 57, suffering from chronic complex spinal condition, after useless NHS care and from 7 months of post-fractured knee injury.


After suffering with back trouble for thirty years or more and seeing all the different osteopaths, spine specialists you name it, including the NHS, nothing worked. Working in the construction industry it was very frustrating.
I reached a point where something had to change so I researched at some length the various options and came across the The Luklinski Back Pain Clinic and made an appointment immediately. My past history obviously made me a little apprehensive, but after two visits I became less sceptical and instead began to have confidence in Mr. Luklinski.
Obviously I realised there would be no miracle cure and that after all those years it was not going to improve overnight, however with his treatment and following the advice given and with some self help, which everyone needs to have, I am now reaping the benefits of my treatment.


Mr. John Nosworthy, cured male age 56, after 25 years of chronic backpain, symptoms free now for 18 months.

Hello Mr Luklinsky, hope you enjoyed the Chet Baker CD, one of my favourites to chill out to. Just thought you may be interested in how I'm progressing following my treatment with you. Its been about 2 months since I last saw you. Things are progressing well, I had a mild ache/pain in the right hip and hamstring a couple of weeks ago, however I had walked 6 miles up a welsh mountain that weekend!!
I continue to use the back rack at home, the back belt at work and when I feel I need it, the exercises, stretching and the ache has gradually lessened over the weeks to hardly any discomfort. I'm now back to walking good distances, swimming, gym work, and recently started riding my bike, 8 miles the first day, then 14 miles the next. I found the back belt a great help when cycling and felt it stabilised my core tremendously, so didn't experience the fatigue that normally happens to me. This may sound a lot of exercise but I am also being very sensible in what I do and resting when I need to.
So things are very good. Thank you for all your help and giving me my life back. I promote you, not that you need it, whenever I can, its amazing how many people I meet that are suffering with back pain. It is so wrong that you are not involved with the NHS because you could help so many people with your gift. Keep up the good work that you do and I will keep an eye on your website for the new products.

Ms. Jovcic 


Dear Luklinski, I visited you in the summer of 2005 when I was complaining of lower back pain and herniated disc, the doctors that I visited before you asked me to do operation in the lower back. You've treated me for two weeks and the pain has disappeared, since that time I am in good health and no back pain. I have told all my friends and others about my experience of the successful treatment of back pain. We are at the beginning of the new year 2010, on this special occasion, we would like to send our best wishes to you and your family for a Happy New Year and our sincere thanks for all your kind treatment. May great prosperity and happiness be yours throughout the year and forever. With Warm Regards, Dr. Qahssan Almakhlos


Dr. Qahssan Almakhlos, banker, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Condition: chronic back pain.


After suffering for a year with a chronic back pain I benefited enormously from my treatment. I no longer limp and have learned a lot about the working of the spine. I think I will progress further in the future. Many thanks for your interest.


R.C, businessman, age 67, London. Condition: chronic back pain, spondylolisthesis, prolapsed disc.


After suffering with severe headaches for over 20 years and trying all kind of treatment, Mr.Luklinski is the only one who has treated me successfully. Thank you!”


Male, graphic designer, age 41, London. Condition: chronic headaches/migraines.


It is very unbelievable that the Specialist can make spinal problems solved with his magic fingers, which I can not explain until some have a treatment with him!


S.A, male, age 51, London. Condition: acute neck pain.


I come to see Mr. Luklinski with a prolapsed disc and in a tremendous pain; within a few sessions with Mr. Luklinski my pain had virtually disappeared, after a few more weeks of treatment I was totally cured. I can not thank Mr. Luklinski enough. He has cared for me and given advise which I never forget; he is an amazing man. So after 10 years of seeing osteopaths, physios, chiropractors without success I feel very lucky to have found Mr. Luklinski. Thank you very much. Doch yr fawr


M.B, male, age 43, Wales. Condition: chronic back pain prolapsed disc.


I had a prolapsed disc on my thoracic spine, T11-T12, as my limb was slightly shorter causing my pelvis to tilt slightly. Prior to seeing Mr. Luklinski I had been everywhere, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractor, osteopath. They did so much damage to my back, I could not walk properly. Mr. Luklinski saved my life. I am fully cured. I am active in all sports now and move mobile than ever before. I idolise Mr. Luklinski. Do not worry: you are in safe hands!


M.T., male, age 31, London. Condition: very complex chronic back pain - prolapsed disc.


Wonderful to be able to enjoy walking, moving again without agony, not looking like a duck. Thank you.”

19.05.06 - Businessman, male, age 61, Toulouse, France. Condition: chronic lower back/lumbar pain.
“Superb change. Thought I would in the future need new hips. It was all my back! Cured in a week. Thank you very much.”


Female, age 57, Toulouse, France. Condition: chronic back pain.