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Happy Patients


What people say about us. Here are the comments from the people who visited our clinic.


I definitely feel that my treatment has helped me. Since starting I have had no migraines and I am confident that the effect will only get better. Thank you very much!


J.W., male, age 56, Wales. Condition: chronic headaches/migraines.


I had no idea what to expect of the treatment, but after a couple of sessions my back was stronger. I am looking forward to normal healing.


Female, age 86, Toronto. Condition: ageing spine/severe obesity.


I come to see you moaning and depressed and left feeling 95% better. Well, to be honest, still a bit sore and stiff in the mornings! However, once I have managed to work out on my abdominals, I am sure I will be a new woman. Do you do face lifts? Then it will be a 100% cure. Thanks very much, both for the treatment and the conversation. I will miss them both: get over there and shoot the bastards!


P.C. Alton, female, age 46, Hampshire.


I was at the point of going for surgery with BUPA when I came across Mr. Luklinski Clinic. Thank God! All I can say that Mr. Luklinski's treatment has given me a new lease of life. I could hardly walk and the MRI was not something I liked to look at. After today's treatment I am going to Himalayas on trekking holidays, which without Mr. Luklinski's treatment would have not been possible. Thank you very much!


T.S.B, male, age 48, Surrey. Condition: chronic prolapsed disc (for more than 2 years).


I believed what the doctors from the NHS told me, that I would have never got rid of my lower back problem. It was making me unbelievably low, depressed. Mr. Luklinski diagnosis was bang on. He was straight with me from the beginning, 6-8 weeks to sort a 3 years old problem. Dr. Luklinski is a real master of his craft and a sound bloke to boot.


B.R., male, Wellingborough. Chronic condition.


A sceptic turned believer! The usual story of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, not to mention a cabinet full of drugs. So my wife dragged me in here, crawling and today I am dancing out on my tiptoes! Mr. Luklinski will not tell me a name for the most amazing part of the treatment, so in great bad taste we named it the Tsunami... Demand this treatment! It is the best! So, Mr. Luklinski thank you very much indeed for all the treatment and for all the entertainment in the recovery period. You are a remarkable character and the best for backs!!! Best wishes to you.”


C.S., male, artist-painter. age 43, London.


Although not cured (he had hip replacement, congenital shorter leg by 5 cm, corrected to 2,5 cm), discharged symptoms free since, can now walk over 1.5 mile resuming expected life quality (full "specialistic" reports are being hold on our Clinic files being a proof of complete medical incompetence).”


Leeds businessman, age 67, who runs successful company of 150 ml. turn over, seen by 9 various NHS/Private consultants with no effective help, spend well over £65.000 for "failed" care! Condition: chronic back-leg pain (misdiagnosed by everyone and mistreated), he could not walk further than 10 yards!


Ex-motor racing rider having "incurable" chronic back pain, treated by everyone for over 2 years, spent over £65.000! To no avail, desperate sought last hope cure... Cured, free symptoms for over 3 years!


S. Bague, unable to run his company, age 45, Essex. Condition: post-traumatic skeletal deformity - disc/nerve pathology - constant back/leg pain/prolapsed discs/sciatica.


I had a problem in my shoulder, fixed in December. I come in a hurry thinking I would never get better, CARAMBA! I am now ok, well worth it!


M. Eduardo, Spain.


I suffered from a severe back injury which in my lumbar spine, which resulted in a severe law back and leg pain and a "hunchback" (read: protective scoliosis). This condition was made much worse by an inappriopriate chiropractic manipulation. However, having received treatment at this Clinic I have fantastic improvements and hope to recover fully. (indeed he did recovered 100% for over 4 years on..., fit, running etc...).


J. Smedley, Cambridge. Condition: PROLAPSED DISC/SCIATICA (damaged by chiropractor).


Totally scared on arrival - completely healed on departure. Ready for next game of rugby!!! Unique person with unique talent.


C. Theron, UK.


Absolutely amazing! Never thought I would be walking again. First class treatment. So pleased I avoided surgery. I can now get on with my life.


K. Press, Herts. Condition: acute "surgically" incurable disc prolapse.


Magic fingers, an absolute talent, better than face lift! 25 years has been taken off the body and feel about to continue normal life. Thanks God I found you!”


J. Jovicic, Newport, Gwent. Condition: BULGING - HERNIATED DISCS


Having been told that surgery was the only option for my back problems, having been through 3 years of Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physios, 2 epidural injections and various Doctors, I found Mr. Luklinski. What a relief! Someone who understood exactly what was wrong - the cause of it and more importantly could do something about it. His explanation of the treatment, before, during, after was most welcome, reassuring. Now I am well on the road to a new back. All I need to do is carry on with the BACK RACK and strengthening the various muscles to prevent this painful experience happening again. Thank you Mr. Luklinski for turning a miserable old woman back in a 40 something, lunatic capable of running again. I would insure your fingers for a few millions, if I were you. Do not forget the invitation to the Christmas party !!!


G.R., female, W. Malling, Kent.


My pain has declined significantly, my stiffness has gone and I will know better within 6-8 weeks, when I completed the exercise programme (Mr. Luklinski BACK RACK SPINAL SYSTEM).”


D.C., male, banker, age 42, Cyprus. Chronic condition.


I am deeply indebted and very grateful to Mr. Luklinski for his tremendous service to me. I have been suffering from a chronic spine condition for years. Mr. Luklinski has been able to reverse my condition in a matter of weeks and I no longer feel restricted by my spinal condition. I am truly grateful.


S.A., male, age 33, Manchester. Condition: chronic case, short leg syndrome/bulging discs, idiopathic scoliosis.


Very grateful to Mr. Luklinski for loosening my spine and making my movements better.”


N.D, male, age 71, Basingstoke, Hampshire. Condition: chronic case, ageing spine, prolapsed disc, nerve root entrapment etc.


Cured and recovered within 3 months!


Female (neuro-surgical nurse), age 42, Belfast. Condition: prolapsed disc due to Chiropractic manipulation; advised surgery, but declined. Acute case of prolapsed disc, protective scoliosis, leg pain, unable to walk, neurological deficit.


For the first time as a back pain sufferer I received a substantial evaluation and explanation of my condition and the treatment required to solve it. To his respect, it is evident that Mr. Luklinski is obviously more knowledgeable and experienced in his field than any of the osteopaths and physiotherapists I have seen. Over the course of rehabilitation, Mr. Luklinski continually checked my reaction to the previous treatment, so building a more detailed picture of the condition and effectiveness of treatment. I found his step-by step attention to specific techniques and treatments reassuring and sensible. It is also good to know that Mr. Luklinski has real pride in his work and is not satisfied unless pain has disappeared. In terms of back health, I feel that I'm left the Luklinski Clinic much better condition than when I arrived with full mobility restored and only a slight intermittent pain lower back pain - which may well ease as I work on strength and fitness. I also know 1000% more about my backs structure and physiology than I used to! I have recommended Mr. Luklinski to several friends since my course of treatment ended.


Male, marketing exc., age 34. Condition: prolapsed disc.


After having a painful episode with my back and recurring back pain for many years, Mr. Luklinski treatment has helped me tremendously. My pain has subsided and my back has became more flexible. Mr. Luklinski explained everything that he did and the reason for it. Thank you for your help!


S. B. LasVegas/London.


Both my wife, Mrs. F. B. Duna, and myself are very grateful to Mr. B. M. Luklinski, who is a specialist in his field and also for his professional confidence. We had travelled to Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany and also consulted many doctors in the U.K without success. We are now really very happy to lead a normal life.


B. M. Duna, banker, and Wife, ages 72 and 57, Kano, Nigeria.


In 4 years Mr. Luklinski was the first person I found who could help me with lower back problem. His diagnosis was accurate and I found him to be honest and sincere. Also his great optimism was helpful, too. I had finally found someone who could fix the cause, not just symptoms.


T. Vine, BBC film producer, age 34, London. Condition: chronic back pain.


I have suffered from severe back pain for many years. Since attending this Clinic I have found that there has been some improvement in my condition.


K. Yildran, age 63. Condition: chronic stroke, hemiplegia, non-ambulant.


First treatment I have received and very pleased with the results. Hope its taught me chow to prevent further problems


N. Bauton, London. Condition: congenital deformity has led to a severe to severe back problems recent years.


I am very pleased with the treatment I have received and my quality of life has been greatly improved.


D. MC. Guckian, Belfast. Profession: businessman Condition: chronic pain.


Very impressed with the treatment, although painful it worked. Worth the travelling involved and would certainly consult him again, if I had problems in the future


J. Confort, Newport, Gwent. Condition: MULTIPLE SKELETAL DEFORMITY - CHRONIC (age 64)